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Cold Case Movie Review: Prithviraj Sukumaran Aditi Balan Lakshmi Priya Chandramouli Starrer Malayalam Movie Cold Case Review Rating: {3.0 / 5}

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Cold Case is the first film directed by Tanu Balak, who has signed on as a cinematographer. The teaser and trailer of the film, which came out to the audience as a direct OTT release via Amazon Prime, was very promising. Coming to the audience as a combination of two genres, Investigation Thriller and Horror Thriller, the film is a fictional story inspired by a real event.

A fisherman fishing in the lake found a human skull wrapped in a garbage bag. Police say it points to murder. Who was killed? who is the killer? Why was he killed? The film Cold Case seeks answers to these questions. ACP Satyajit, played by Prithviraj, plays the role of the investigating officer.

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The investigation, which starts with just the skull, with no clue about the dead person, is very logical and dynamic. The director and writer are able to take the story forward without confusing the audience. Prithviraj’s excellent performance and screen presence also help a lot in this.

A scene is shown in the beginning of the film in which a retired police officer reveals in a channel program that the incident in which the case was proved by summoning the soul of the deceased is in the police records. That’s exactly what happened. This would have inspired the writer and director to add a horror genre to the film. In the first half, director Tanu Balak and writer Srinath V Nath manage to sync it with the story in a very precise manner. But in the second half, the part related to the soul of the creepy or murderer becomes weak. It is also worth mentioning that at the end of the story the police are not able to contribute much to the investigation.

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The horror part of the film is playing the guest boy’s character of Medha. ACP Satyajit and Medha are moving in different directions on the same issue from two different contexts. By the end of the first half it reaches the same point and both keep checking in their own way. Medha and Satyajit meet even after the police investigation has gone a long way. That is, the presence of the spirit has never been seen to help the police investigation positively.

In the first scene, which misleads the audience, the story is not used to engage the audience after the break, except to say that a retired police officer had proved the case by using emotion.

This element of horror can be seen as an experiment that provides no significant benefit to the story or pleasure, other than an attempt at intimidation with jump squares in some scenes. Maybe if it had been changed then the boulder in the second half could have been avoided. There is not going to be much benefit from this. The use of scary backgrounds has managed to mislead and disorient the audience. Let us tell you that looking at the teaser, the horror area of ​​the film could not make much impact.

The film stars Prithviraj, Anil Nedumangad, Atithi Balan, Lakshmipriya Chandramouli and Atmiya Rajan in the lead roles. There are many characters in the film who keep coming and going in small roles. Some of the characters, including Alanjiar, are excellent, but some characters are brought to the screen with the sole purpose of confusing the audience. The character giving a big buildup opens the scene by making the impression that there was no need for the story.

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Though the character based film is no cold case, the film is carried on the shoulders of Prithviraj’s ACP Satyajit. It is being appreciated. Suspense and thrill may remain. At the same time, the performance of Guest Boy was not so satisfactory. This manifested precisely in all the horrific scenes and blurred the naturalness of those scenes.

Medha’s character becomes a maid who doesn’t contribute much to the story. As the guest moves away from Medha, Medha walks away from the story at the end of the film.
Cinematography by Girish Gangadharan and music by Prakash Alex give an exciting feel and suspense to the film. Tanu Balak is promising as a director. Editor Sameer Mohammed has also managed to cut the film so that it doesn’t feel slippery.

Medha’s track stopped flowing like an aimless river in the second half and if the film had completely gone through Satyajit, it would have garnered Cold Case applause as a great suspense thriller. However, the experience of the film was not disappointing. Medha’s failure to light up the track and Satyajit’s track has pulled the film backwards.

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