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Crime News: Kerala boyfriend RJ Ananya dies after her boyfriend surrenders

Ananya Kumari – Jiju Rajo

Thiruvananthapuram: Kerala’s first transgender RJ Ananya Kumari Alex Ananya Kumari is in a state of confusion over the death of Alex. It is even more suspicious that her lover died in a similar manner. Shortly after Ananya’s death, the body of her 36-year-old friend Jiju Raj was found hanging.

Jiju Raj’s body was found from his friend’s house in Kochi. The incident came to light on Friday afternoon. Jiju’s lover had gone out in the afternoon and returned home. He immediately took the matter to the police. The case is being investigated. It is believed that after Jinju’s death, the mentally deranged Jiju must have committed suicide in the same vein. But the truth will come out only after investigation.

Ananya Kumari Alexa, a resident of Kollam, filed her nomination papers this time from Vengara assembly constituency in Malappuram district. But after nomination he got threatening calls from DSJP leader, my life was in danger. He withdrew his nomination saying that he was mentally challenged. A few days later he was found dead in his house.

Ananya Kumari, who was the first tertiary RJ in Kerala, also worked as a narrator in a private channel. He was also recognized as a social worker. His health deteriorated due to the negligence of doctors during a gender-transformation operation in 2020. Ananya’s parents had alleged that she died in the same house. In this background, three genders have protested in front of the hospital. However, the doctors of the hospital have made it clear that there is nothing wrong with the operation.

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(Hanged at friend house in Kochi a few days after the death of Kerala transgender RJ Ananya Kumari)

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