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‘Darshan-Indrajeet banned from film for five years’; Ban Nai Maang Darshan and Indrajit Lankesh for 5 years, Deal Register Film Chamber

Indrajit Lankesh – Darshan

Talks are on between actor Darshan and director Inderjit Lankesh. Both are holding a news conference and have clashed. Both used abusive language. In this way Darshan and Indrajit have been asked to ban for 5 years. A complaint has been lodged in the film chamber.

Both Indrajit and Darshan used obscene words during a news conference. The audio of Darshan has now gone viral. Darshan scolded the media for the worst audio. Thus, the Human Rights Commission has filed a complaint with the Film Chamber. “Actors Darshan and Indrajit should be banished for 5 years. Darshan has used obscene words. Darshan should be stopped,” the complaint said.

Indrajit had alleged that Darshan had assaulted Gangadhar, an employee of The Prince Hotel in Mysore. Inderjeet has been threatened with serious allegations against Darshan. ‘I am not talking about the matter. Fight it legally. Darshan’s supporters are threatening him with his rowdy phone, WhatsApp. One call is generated every 30 seconds in the last 24 hours. In addition to obscene pictures, there is also obscene messages. That’s why I am complaining about cybercrime. I will teach them a lesson,’ he said.

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Indrajit Lankesh News Conference: Darshan supporters, rioters intimidated, teach them a lesson; Indrajit warns

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