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Death threats, announcement of death, ‘The Family Man’ actor deemed Pakistani

Mumbai: The web series released a few weeks ago became quite popular. It was also discussed on social media. The roles of Manoj Bajpayee as well as other actors were huge. But an artist of this web series is being threatened on social media thinking that he is Pakistani. Not only this, announcements of morgues are also being made in his name. This personality is played by actor Darshan Kumar in ‘The Family Man 2’. In a recent interview, Darshan shared his experiences after this role. Darshan says that his role has got mixed response. Darshan said, ‘My work in Bollywood was appreciated. I also got a lot of love from the fans. But after ‘The Family Man 2’ there came a time when I was trolled on social media. Not only this, people have started thinking of me as Pakistani. He further said, ‘After the release of this web series, I got a good response from many people. The fans applauded. He said that the acting is good. My acting, look and attitude were all appreciated. But there are some people who were shouting in my name, ‘Hindustan zindabad, Major Sameer murdabad’, ‘Doodh maangge to kheer denge, Major Samir Hindustan ki ki dekhna to chir denge’. Darshan says, ‘After this role many people started hating me. People think that I am Pakistani. They forget that I am Darshan and an actor who is trying to do his role well. Apart from Darshan in this web series, South actress Samantha Akkineni also appeared in the role of Villain. After the release of the web series, he has also faced a lot of trolling on social media.

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