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Deepika Padukone: Deepika and Ranveer became Alibaugkar, bought land worth crores in Mapgaon – Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone bought land in Alibaug

Mumbai: Alibaug will now be known as the City of Celebrities. There are large luxury bungalows, farm houses of many artists in and around Alibaug. Now another celebrity couple has been added. Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh, the most talked about couple of Hindi cinema, have bought a 90-acre plot in Mapgaon, Alibaug. He had bought the land for about Rs 22 crore and had gone to the registry office at Alibaug on Monday to get the land registered.

Deepika and Ranveer had gone to the Deputy Registrar Registration Office at Alibaug Headquarters to get the land purchased. There was only one crowd of citizens to see these two. The video of both has gone viral on social media.

Meanwhile, Ranveer, who was leaving the registration office, covered his entire face wearing goggles over his eyes. Deepika was wearing a mask on her face. Ranveer was holding Deepika’s hand while leaving the office. After that both got into their car. According to sources, the space that Deepika and Ranveer have bought in Alibaug consists of two luxurious bungalows and a ready-made coconut and betel nut orchard.

onscreen matching chemistry

Ranveer and Deepika have worked together in ‘Ram Leela’, ‘Padmavat’ and ‘Bajirao Mastani’. The closeness between Ranveer and Deepika had increased on the sets of Ramleela. Both started dating each other on the sets of Ramlila. Seeing the strong chemistry between the two in the film, it was being speculated that both would get married soon.

idol couple in bollywood

This possibility of the fans came true and Deepika and Ranveer had a destination wedding in Macama Lake, Italy in 2018. Ranveer and Deepika are known as the idol couple in Bollywood. There is tremendous bonding between the two. The two never leave any opportunity to express their love for each other on social media and in their personal lives.

Talking about the work of Ranveer and Deepika, their film ’83’ will be released soon. This is her first film after marriage. His fans are equally curious about Yacinema. The film is based on the 1983 Cricket World Cup won by India.

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