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Devendra Modi becomes PM to deal with Corona, Opposition alleges delay in vaccine- Dr Sudhakar

Dr K Sudhakar, Narendra Modi Narendra

Chikkaballapur: Speaking against the opposition’s criticism of Corona control and Third Wave in the country, Karnataka Health Minister Dr. K. Sudhakar corona PM in handling the situation efficiently Narendra Modi (Narendra Modi) succeeds. The Prime Minister of India has said that he himself has made Modi the Prime Minister of India to deal with such a scenario. In the BJP executive meeting in Chikkaballapur, he said that the wind of Modi is increasing but not decreasing. Modi’s performance has been separated from the need to bring back the Modi atmosphere.

By the grace of God, Kovid is in possession. But, it is not less at all. Sudhakar, who has said that everyone should be vigilant, blamed the opposition for the vaccine distribution. corona vaccineThe opposition had earlier ridiculed the YPG. This has led to the rapid spread of the vaccine.

God has sent Narendra Modi to deal with a problem like Corona. He was made the Prime Minister of India. There is no doubt that Modi handled the situation of Corona very well. Sudhakar has expressed concern over the stand of the central government on Corona, saying that Modi’s air condition has increased.

Talking about the reorganization of the Union Cabinet, he said that this is history. All religions are shared equally in ministry. He said this is proof that the BJP is different from any other party. Sudhakar, who praised the apathy of the party workers, said that the Congress workers will be ahead when the elections come. However, BJP workers have appreciated the hard work of BJP workers by saying they will stand to face the crisis.

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