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Devisingh will be released due to lack of evidence… but he will have to come as a shock

Mumbai: The discussion of ‘Devmanas’ series is not taking its name to stop. There are twist to twist in the series. The curiosity of the audience has reached Shige. ACP Divya had arrested Ajit from the wedding tent and dragged him towards the police station. Later he was arrested. His case is going on and he is fighting his own case against the public prosecutor Arya.

Devisingh is now going to be able to prove how innocent we are by cleverly taking the testimony of all of them. It is now certain that Devisingh will be released due to lack of evidence. However, another twist is about to come in the series.

Recently a promo was shared. In this promo, Judge Devisingh says that he is being released due to lack of evidence. It is shown that Devisingh sees a woman outside the window, Anto gets dizzy and falls down.

Who exactly is the woman shown in this promo? And what is her relationship with Dev Singh? The audience is curious about this. Actress Madhuri Pawar is seen in the promo and it looks like her entry will take a different turn in the series.

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