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Dhanvam: Will Puneet’s heroine be seen in ‘Dwight’?

‘Duality’ cinema came a few days back in ‘Power Star’ Puneet Rajkumar and ‘U-Turn’ director Pawan Kumar combination. The film is being produced by a puppet company. It is a psychological thriller film and it is heard that a multilingual actress is going to be the heroine of this film!

Who is that actress?
The answer to this question is Trisha Krishnan! Yes, Tamil film actress Trisha has been given a chance to act in this film. Trisha, who has already heard the story, said that she likes strictness. The film will have to officially tell about his choice. So far Puneet Hero has not given any information about who will star in the film.

Appu-Trisha pair in ‘Power’
Trisha was seen playing the role of a heroine in Puneet Rajkumar starrer ‘Power***’, which debuted in 2014. Trisha, who was a huge success with the film, again became active in Tamil-Telugu cinema. The line-up was busy in theatres. Will Trisha get a chance to become a heroine again after seven years? Attentive.

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What did Pawan say about duality?
Story drag has been on me for many years. I’ve come up with a few versions to work on this story. The script is now finalized in 2019. I had gone to Thailand before shooting for my acting ‘Kite 2’. After six weeks, I sit in a cafe and write this script. Since then it has been shared with Puneet Rajkumar. He read it and replied. Then Gora joined them. We have reached this point now,” Pawan had said in the past. Preeta Jayaraman to do photography for ‘Dvaita’. Poornachandra is making stunning music.

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