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Dia Mirza :- Dia Mirza shares first picture with son avyaan azaad rekhi Dia Mirza shared a photo first kissing him, she in hospital for four months after birth

Mumbai: Bollywood actress Dia Mirza has shared pictures of her son Avyan on social media for the first time. Diya and Vaibhav Rekhi gave birth to a baby boy on July 14. His fans were very excited to see Diya’s son. In the end, Diya has shared pictures of her son-in-law Avyan Azad Rekhi.

Diya shared a black and white sketch photo

Diya has posted a black and white sketch photo of herself and the boy from her Instagram. In this photo, Diya is seen holding her child. In the photo, Diya is seen wearing a maxi. Evian is also looking very beautiful. Sharing this photo, Diya has written an emotional post.

Diya wrote, ‘Our story has now started Awan…’ Diya thanked the doctors, nurses and all the staff of the hospital for treating Awan on her lecture. Diya’s son Avyan was born on July 14. The avian was ahead of time. So Avyan remained in the hospital for four months. Diya thanked everyone with this post for taking good care of herself during this time.

Diya got married in February

Dia Mirza married Vaibhav Rekhi in February 2021. This is the second marriage of both Vaibhav and Diya. The couple got married in Hyderabad. Vaibhav has a daughter named Samaira. The bonding of Diya and Adara is very good. Two months after her marriage to Vaibhav, Diya took to social media to announce that she is pregnant. He was also trolled a lot for this. Currently, Diya is having a lot of fun with her Leica.

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