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‘Did our child fall from the clouds?’ Urmila Nimbalkar’s response to pregnancy trolls

MumbaiMarathi actress and YouTuber Urmila Nimbalkar is very active on social media. She shares her different types of pictures with fans. In April, Urmila shared the news of being pregnant with the fans. She also shares some pictures of her pregnancy with her fans. But, in the last few months, Urmila has also faced negative comments on her pictures. Urmila has now responded to all these comments. Urmila said that as a woman, we do not share in the happiness of another woman.

“I was afraid to be with my father,” said the actress

Urmila posted some of her pictures and wrote, “Did our baby fall from the clouds?” ‘Does anyone have a stomach ache?’ In the last 9 months, all these comments have been sent to me by women. Being a woman and not being able to get along in the same journey of happiness and sorrow with another woman is the tragedy of the female race. But as a woman I would tell other women to capture these moments as much as possible, enjoy this whole journey to the fullest. These beautiful, magical moments fade away very quickly and never come back. (For this you have to give birth to another child directly)
I can’t believe my ninth month is just a few days away. I am happy, excited and grateful just to see this divine arrangement.’

Posting this, Urmila has told the netizens who are trolling her. Urmila was married to Sukir Gumaste in 2012. Urmila played the lead role in the ‘Double’ series. Apart from this, Urmila has also appeared in the series ‘Diya Aur Baati Hum’ and ‘Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi’. Apart from this, Urmila hosted the series ‘Sangeet Samrat’. After this Urmila started her own YouTube channel.

shock the audience; Goodbye to these three favorite series soon?

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