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Dilip Kumar donated property worth Rs 98 crore to Waqf Board?

Mumbai: Legendary actor of all time Dilip Kumar (Age 98) passed away on July 7, 2021 after prolonged illness. After the death of Dilip Kumar, many posts are becoming viral on social media. But a viral post about his wealth is in discussion these days. But now it has come to know that the posts going viral are fake.

The post on the social media about the late Dilip Kumar is going viral. The controversial post has gone viral, which says, “Open your eyes to those who cry for Muhammad Yusuf aka Dilip Kumar… He has given his property worth Rs 98 crore to the Waqf Board, anything for temples No”.

But the truth is something else!
The truth behind the viral post is that it is different. There is no official information that Dilip Kumar had given his property to the Waqf Board. People close to him have said that the viral post is false and misleading.

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