diya krishna vaccination: Diya could not cry while taking the vaccine; അഹാന – ishaani krishna and diya krishna first dose vaccination video goes viral


  • Diya cried and took the vaccine
  • Ahana comforted

The second wave of Kovid is raging across the country. In this context, the vaccine is already mandatory for everyone over the age of 18. Many people, including movie stars, are sharing videos and pictures of themselves being vaccinated on social media. Sisters Diya Krishna and Ishani Krishna have now shared a video of receiving the vaccine on YouTube. They were accompanied by their mother and other sisters.

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The video shows Diya’s eyes filled with tears as she sees the nurse as she approaches the vaccine. The other sisters, Ahana and Isha, tell each other to change their sister’s fear. Meanwhile, the nurse asks for her name and other information. You can hear the nurse saying that she saw Diya crying and left only after Tik Tok. Ahana’s counter says that she is a little scared when she hears the nurse asking if she has any health problems. Bro it’s nothing. In the video, you can hear Ahana comforting Diya by telling her that it is enough to think that she was bitten by an ant when she went to pluck the rambutan and that you will die if you do not take it.

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The vaccine was given by Ishani after Diya. Ishani also shared a video of herself receiving the vaccine on her YouTube page. But Ishani received the vaccine without much boldness or tears. The sisters and mother Sindhu were with them. Diya and Ishani received the first dose of the Kovshield vaccine.

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