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Do you have a hidden camera in the trial room of your lodge or mall?:

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It is unfortunate that the way technology continues to be used today, it is being misused so much. Recently, there has been an increase in the use of hidden cameras for making pornographic videos on the Internet. Last year, a couple staying at a hotel and lodge in South Korea targeted a couple who shot and framed porn videos of more than 1,600 couples using spy cams. It is not easy for them to fall.

Because spy cameras are not as eye-catching as CCTV cameras. so little. It is difficult to decide where they are placed. For example, these can be placed in a pen cap on the end of a clip, a button on a shirt, a pen stand on a desk, a doll’s eye, a clock thumb.

So we have to be very careful. If you use a smartphone for this purpose, download an app so you can find hidden cameras in your area.

Go to play store on your smartphone and download “Hidden Camera Detector” app to help you find hidden cameras. But, it is a third party app.

Do you have a hidden camera in the area where you live or are you after the app is downloaded? If in doubt, you can help.

Once the app is installed in the smartphone, there are 8 options. The first detect is the wired camera option. Select it and scan it in the move area. Finds out if there is a hidden camera. Apart from this, there are many other useful options.

The two-way mirror is still transparent on one side and the other. There is a big camera behind it. So, you place your finger directly on the mirror. If it is a two-way mirror, there is a small distance between the finger and the bottom of the mirror. Be careful with this.

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(How to Locate Hidden Cameras in Lodge and Mall Trial Rooms)

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