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Donating clothes to someone… Urfi Javed again trolled on social media – Urfi Javed wore a crop top made of socks, his pictures went viral and users trolled fiercely

Mumbai: Actress Urfi Javed has once again been trolled on social media for her bold dress. Urfi has been trolled on social media till now for her bold avatar. This is the reason why Urfi has become a troll at this time.

Urfi is wearing a purple stock crop top and a cropped T-shirt over a purple pat. So she fell out of the house. Then some photographers took photos, videos. These pictures and videos have become viral on social media within a moment.

In this video that went viral on social media, Urfi is seen shaking hands with the photographers. Not only this, she is also taking pictures by looking at the photographers. While being photographed, Urfi flaunts a ripped T-shirt over his shoulder, but that doesn’t distract him at all.

Meanwhile, seeing this outfit of Urfi, she is being trolled a lot on social media. Some users have commented saying, ‘Hey donate some clothes to her…’ Urfi has taken some pictures of herself in this outfit and shared them on Instagram.

Sharing this photo, he wrote, ‘Crop top made of socks. On top is a T-shirt cut in half. This is how my outfit is ready…’ With these photos of her, users have trolled her a lot. One user wrote, ‘There are a lot of clothes lying in my house..come and take it…’

Urfi Javed, who took part in Bigg Boss OTT event, often gets trolled about her clothes. Earlier, she was wearing a denim crop top while showing off her bra at the airport. Users trolled him a lot.

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