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Don’t be afraid to shoot bold scenes because…; Taapsee reveals

How did you study your role in ‘Haseen Dilruba’?
Rani Kashyap is the exact opposite of my views. I had to understand that I would be the queen of cinema. Because until the role is not imbibed, the bottom of the role cannot be reached. After being in that role for several days, some part of the nature of that role comes to you somewhere, you also think and act in the same way. In fact, I think it’s a loss because you are part of Changing part. This happens to me after every film. But I am ready to take this loss every time. Because I have no option but to make the role more realistic. So, to bring each of my roles to the attention of the audience, I need to interact with that role and I do it very diligently.

0 movie has bold scenes. How did you prepare it?
I have worked with Vikrant Messi and Harshvardhan Rane for the first time. There were bold scenes with both of them. To make acting easy, I started talking to him from day one. Because of my secretive nature I don’t know what they think of me. Because it was more important for me to do justice to the code and deliver the role well to the audience. Both Vikrant and Harshvardhan are so good as a man that he is not afraid to shoot bold scenes with them.

Why didn’t you get scared while working during the coronation period?
– Of course there was fear; But how can I refuse to play the lead role in a film? Had this been done, the hard work and income of many artists and technologists would have been wasted. I felt that if many were getting paid for their work, then I should do it. So when I got permission to shoot, I immediately said yes. I started shooting for the film in September last year. Completed five films till the second lockdown. All these films will release this year. In the last lockdown, many people had stopped earning due to lack of work. So even now that the shooting has started, I am going to work immediately.

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