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Don’t make fun of Sharat Saxena with Raza Muradi’s rumor

MumbaiBollywood actor Sharat Saxena recently acted in ‘Lion’ with actress Vidya Balan. Even at the age of 72, the fans literally caught his head after seeing Sharat’s fit physique. Sharat’s character was highly praised. However, Sharat lamented that the respect he is getting now was not found earlier in Bollywood. Sharat had said in an interview that in Bollywood he was treated like a secondary punch and used as a punching bag.

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Villain’s character never found in Bollywood

In an interview given to a news channel, Sharat said, ‘I have always been a strong physique. So I used to get a fighting character in the film. I used to fight a lot on screen but I never got the role of the main villain. I didn’t get the respect I deserved. I always got a man’s job at the hands of a villain. Hero will come and kill me. I was just a punching bag for Bollywood.

Reza Murad’s rumor caused loss of work

Talking about Raza Murad, Sharat said, “I started working in southern films because I didn’t get lead roles in Bollywood. There I started getting villain roles. One day I came to know that Aamir Khan had done the film Ghulam. But, a person had spread a rumor that I had left Bollywood and shifted to Chennai, so I was not even asked for that role. That person was Raza Murad. His rumours made everyone think. Made me quit working in Bollywood. It hurt my job.

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