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Double elimination this week? instructed Bigg Boss; Who’s out?

bigg boss kannada season 8

Some common ideas are seen in the Bigg Boss house every season. Wild card entry, double elimination is one of them. Three people have already got entry in Bigg Boss house through wild card. But, double elimination has not happened yet. Also, the days are shorter and the number of contestants is more. For this reason there is a double elimination this week. Bigg Boss has been instructed on this.

When the second innings started, Kichcha Sudeep said that Bigg Boss will be there for a month. According to him, this week’s finale was to be held. However, this is not the case. The finale of Bigg Boss is going to happen on August 8. Before that, double elimination was going on in Bigg Boss house.

This week Prashant Sambargi, Shubha Poonja, Shamantha Bro Gowda, Chakravarthy Chandrachud and Divya Urudu are in the nomination list. Two out of five were due to leave this week.

Divya Urudu is the captain of Bigg Boss in the house. The manner in which Samrat Chandrachud behaved when Priyanka was eliminated last week was not like many others. He leans towards Priyanka to see her. This has angered the people. For this reason, he is being asked to be the first to be eliminated from the Bigg Boss house this week. It is reported that Shamant has been out of the house this week. According to sources, there has been no elimination this week. This needs to be answered today.

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