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During the shooting of ‘Sher Shah’, the entire team started crying because of Kiara Advani, because…

MumbaiThe film ‘Sher Shah’, based on the life of Captain Vikram Batra, who was martyred in the Kargil war, is being discussed on social media. Actor Sidharth Malhotra will play the role of Vikram in the film while actress Kiara Advani will play the role of Vikram’s girlfriend Dimple Cheema. During the shooting of a scene in the film, Kiara made everyone present cry. Kiara herself has disclosed this. Dimple’s misery did not end even after Vikram was martyred in the war. Tears welled up in Dimple’s eyes while setting fire to Vikram’s body. While filming this scene, everyone present had tears in their eyes because of Kiara.

Kiara shares her filming experience
The last part of the film shows the cremation of martyr Vikram. In this Vikram’s girlfriend Dimple i.e. Kiara was also going to be seen. Talking about the scene, Kiara said, “We were shooting the scene in Palampur at the same place where Vikram was cremated. When the Captain was martyred, the entire city attended the ceremony to pay tribute to him. We had junior actors on the sets to show a lot of people. But when we filmed the scene, everyone got tears in their eyes.

Seeing the sight everyone started crying
Kiara said, ‘Vikram’s brother Vishal was also on the set that day. I got so emotional that I told the director that I wanted to complete the scene in one take. He had the camera angle too close to capture the expression on my face. While the scene was being shot, my emotions woke up but at the same time I could hear the cries of people standing around me. There were tears in all of their eyes. Only I was seen in the camera but everyone present there was crying. It didn’t feel like we were acting. It was as if we were really living that moment.

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