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Evidence found that Raj Kundra made big ‘jugaad’ to escape from police

Mumbai Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty’s husband and businessman Raj Kundra has been caught in a pornography case. The police have gathered several strong evidences against him, including his WhatsApp chats. The police investigation so far has revealed that Ripu Sudan Balakrishna Kundra, also known as Raj Kundra, was involved in making, selling and broadcasting pornographic films. But the police investigation also revealed that Raj was already aware that action could be taken against him. He also tried his best to avoid such a situation. Raj Kundra was arrested by the Mumbai Crime Branch on Monday, after which a court on Tuesday sent him to police custody till July 23.

Shocking revelation from Raj Kundra’s chat, earn lakhs of rupees daily from the app

Sold the app to a relative’s company in the UK

Following a Fort Court order on Tuesday, Mumbai Police said 45-year-old Raj Kundra had sold his ‘Hot Shots’ app to UK-based Kenrin Pvt Ltd. The owner of the company is Raj’s relative Pradeep Bakshi. Pradeep is also his partner in the scam. Kenrin Pvt Ltd is a London based company. Even after selling hot shots, Raj Kundra was doing all his business from Mumbai itself.

Police has arrested 11 people so far

The Mumbai Police has so far arrested 11 people in the pornography case. Among them, Raj Kundra and his IT chief Ryan Tharp were recently arrested by the police. Five people were arrested in this case in February. All five were arrested while shooting a pornographic film in a bungalow on Madh Island.

How much is Raj Kundra’s wealth? Video with Kapil Sharma went viral after his arrest

‘Hot Shots’ app sold for Rs 18 lakh

Police said in a statement that Raj Kundra was involved in making and selling pornographic films through the ‘Hotshots’ app. This app was removed from the mobile platform. Raj sent pornographic videos from his Viaan Industries Mumbai office to the UK. Material provided. Kundra also told the police that he had sold the app in 2019 for around Rs 18 lakh.

Police said – we have evidence

Police said there is evidence against Raj Kundra. He got several clips from Raj Kundra’s office. On the other hand, Raj Kundra’s lawyers Abad Ponda and Subhash Jadhav have alleged that the police arrested Raj illegally. The police did not take action under the Code of Criminal Procedure.

In this case the husband of Raj Kundra’s sister… Big disclosure of Mumbai Police

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