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Explainer ICMR sero survey: What is the increase of antibodies against coronavirus in the people of which state?

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New Delhi: The Union Health Ministry on Wednesday asked states to conduct local seroprevalence surveys in consultation with the Indian Council of Medical Research to obtain district-level data on the percentage of people with antibodies against COVID-19. The Ministry has released ICMR’s Fourth National Sero Statewide Seroprevalence Data. About one-third of the Indian population is still infected, and two-thirds have antibodies.

Madhya Pradesh recorded the highest rate of seroprevalence at 79 per cent, according to ICMR’s fourth seroprevalence survey conducted in 70 districts across 21 states. Madhya Pradesh is followed by Rajasthan (76.2%) and Bihar (75.9%). Low seroprevalence was reported from Kerala (44.4%), followed by Assam (50.3%) and Maharashtra (58.0%).

Overall, a survey published a few days ago revealed that 70 percent of Indians have antibodies against Kovid.
State-wide Seropositivity Rate
Madhya Pradesh- 79
Bihar -75.9
Gujarat- 75.3
Uttar Pradesh-71
Andhra Pradesh – 70.2
Tamil Nadu-69.2
Odisha- 68.1
Punjab – 66.5
Telangana- 63.1
Jammu and Kashmir- 63
Himachal Pradesh-62
Jharkhand- 61
West Bengal – 60.9
Maharashtra- 58.0
Assam – 50.3

Kerala scores low in sero survey: then what?
Does this mean that Kerala scores low in immunity among the community (herd immunity)? In a way, yes, the current COVID-19 situation in the state also highlights this. India accounts for 50% of new cases daily. Many of these people do not have antibodies against SARS-CoV-2. According to Dr. Anish, a member of the Kerala COVID Expert Committee, Kerala has been vaccinated at a rate higher than the national average. ANI reported that the Center should give more vaccines to Kerala as it is behind the national herd immunity limit.

Natural Infections and Vaccinations
Serosynthesis shows how many people have antibodies against SARS-CoV-2. These antibodies may be the result of vaccination or natural infection. Since vaccine coverage in Kerala is proportional to other states, a low herd immunity score indicates that the number of people who have developed antibodies through natural infection is low, Anish said.

serosynthesis and covid third wave
What does the sero survey say about a possible third wave of infectious disease? Kerala, Assam and Maharashtra are low in herd immunity against COVID-19. If the situation in Kerala is worried due to the lack of number of cases, then the graph of Kovid-19 in Maharashtra is on the rise. The northeastern states are also reporting a large number of Kovid-19 cases.

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(ICMR’s serosurvey Madhya Pradesh Kerala has the lowest state wise seropositivity rate)

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