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Farhan Akhtar trolled despite congratulating Indian hockey team on winning bronze medal in Olympics

Mumbai: The Indian men’s hockey team put up a historic performance at the Olympics in Tokyo on Thursday. The Indian hockey team defeated Germany 5-4 to win the bronze medal. The Indian men’s hockey team has achieved this feat after a long span of 41 years.

Due to this success, the citizens of the country are showering good wishes on him. The Indian team is being congratulated on every social media. Along with the general public, many celebrities have also congratulated the Indian hockey team. Actor Farhan Akhtar also took to Twitter to congratulate the Indian team. But Farhan mistakenly congratulated the women’s team instead of the Indian men’s team. He wrote, ‘Go girls! We all are proud of Team India. He showed tremendous fighting spirit and won the fourth medal… Super… Tokyo 2020 Hockey…’

After Farhan realized his mistake, he deleted the tweet and tweeted congratulating the Indian men’s team. Several screen shots of his wrong tweet went viral and went viral on social media till Farhan corrected his mistake. Not only this, the memes also went viral. Farhan’s wrong tweet was also liked by 164 users. One user, retweeting Farhan’s wrong tweet, wrote, ‘Okay, you made a mistake. But who are those 164 people who liked this wrong tweet?’

Farhan Akhtar is being trolled on social media due to this wrong tweet. Memes are also being shared. Meanwhile, many artists have congratulated the Indian men’s hockey team on the victory on social media. It stars Sunny Deol, Shah Rukh Khan, Akshay Kumar, Anil Kapoor, Taapsee Pannu and many more.

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