fefka cine employees: ffka with covid consolation plan for film workers – covid 19 second wave, fefka’s helping hand to cine employees to fight against covid-19


  • Fefka’s reserve for workers in the film industry again
  • General Secretary on the Kovid Consolation Project

FEFCA General Secretary B Unikrishnan said in Kochi that the second phase will provide a lot of assistance, including financial support, to filmmakers affected by Kovid disease. This massive project is targeting FEFCA members affected by the second wave of Kovid from January 2021.

From the same period, FEFCA will pay Rs 5,000 to those admitted to the hospital with covid. In addition, a Kovid kit containing a pulse oximeter, thermometer, vitamin pills, supplements, gloves and masks will be provided. Food kits will also be delivered to those in need. The organization will provide Rs 50,000 to the families of the members who died due to Kovid.

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The Union Card will be issued free of cost as per the family rules to one of the spouse / husband / son / daughter / brother / sister working in the film industry who is responsible for this family.
If the wife or daughter who is not working in the film industry is responsible for the family, she will be offered a job at the FEFCA Federation / other 19 Union Offices / Institutional Finding Institution depending on their educational qualifications if they need a job.

Members who find it difficult to teach their children will be given a thousand rupees to buy their children’s learning materials. The bill should be handed over to the respective union secretaries. This assistance is not available to those who are members of any of the study assistance schemes currently offered by the unions.

FEFCA will dispense the drugs free of charge through Consumer Fed medical shops, as previously provided to members taking life-saving medications. As those who are part of the first phase of the scheme are sick and have changed their medication, the doctor’s prescription for the required medicine will have to be freshly submitted to the respective organizing offices.

Those who have received Kovid treatment assistance through the insurance scheme provided by the organization and those who are currently receiving Kovid assistance money are not eligible for financial assistance. Thousands of film workers who are members of the nineteen unions under FEFCA will benefit from the Kovid Swatana scheme as per the criteria defined by the organization.

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When the film industry came to a standstill during the first wave of Kovid, more than Rs 2 crore was distributed to FEFCA members as relief aid. He said the organization was grateful to Fefka for the support of many well-wishers and institutions.

Provision of financial assistance to members, provision of food for FEFCA members and those isolated in the community, free health care insurance scheme, distribution of life-saving medicines, Onam kits, other financial assistance, post-death assistance to members, distribution of pensions, study materials, etc. Nine Kovid awareness films, public distribution of masks and sanitizers, leaving FEFCA drivers’ union vehicles to travel with health workers and law enforcers, and a number of welfare activities carried out by the FEFCA Federation in the first wave of FEFCA.

FEFCA General Secretary B Unnikrishnan requested the support of all in the second phase of FEFCA assistance schemes. He reminded the filmmakers to seek the welfare of each other, share friendships and support to survive this difficult period of the epidemic.

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