FEFKA: Jomon T John and Shameer Mohammed extend a helping hand to those in the film industry – editor shameer mohammad and cinematographer jomon t john contribute one lakh rupees to movie workers through fefka


  • Jomon and Shamir with a helping hand during Kovid
  • And Fefka with the Kovid Consolation Project

Editor Shamir Mohammed and cinematographer and producer Jomon T John each donated Rs 1 lakh each to FEFCA to strengthen its efforts to help film workers affected by the Kovid epidemic. Fefka himself shared the post on Facebook, thanking both of them. Many actors and filmmakers have already contributed to Fefka’s Kovid activities.

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FEFCA General Secretary B Unikrishnan said today that the second phase would provide a lot of assistance, including financial support, to filmmakers affected by Kovid disease. For this, Kovid has started a consolation project. He added that the massive project is aimed at FEFCA members affected by the second wave of Kovid from January 2021.

From this period, FEFCA will pay Rs 5,000 to those admitted to the hospital with Kovid.
The organization has also announced that it will provide Rs 50,000 to the families of the members who died due to Kovid. Members who find it difficult to teach their children will be given Rs 1,000 to buy their children’s learning materials.

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