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First Na Me Tula fame Tanvi Munde father passed away – Paheli Na Me Tula fame Tanvi Munde father passed away

MumbaiIt is reported that actress Tanvi Munde Manu, who came in front of the audience with the popular series ‘Pehle Na Me Tula’, has become a father figure. Tanvi’s father Prakash Mundale has passed away recently and he has made a post on social media. Though the cause of Tanvi’s father’s death is yet to be ascertained, her post reveals Tanvi’s close relationship with her father.

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Sharing a post on Instagram, Tanvi wrote, ‘You are the best friend of my life and it is my privilege to be your daughter. I love you very much and I will definitely see you whenever my time comes.’ Hearing the news about Tanvi’s father, many artists have paid tribute to her. This shows that even those close to Tanvi are not aware of it. Many artists have given him patience by expressing surprise. Actress Varsha Dandel, who is working in the series ‘Pehle Na Mi Tula’, has also given her patience by commenting. Varsha wrote, ‘Oh my God. Now read.. What happened?.. Take care baby.. Heartfelt tribute to Baba.’

Many actors have tried to reassure Tanvi through comments. A few days ago, Varsha’s car also had a painful accident. She was seriously injured. Although his condition is stable at present, he is in bed.

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