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get up! Asteroid is 3 times bigger than Taj Mahal

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Asteroid three times bigger than the Taj Mahal will pass by the Earth. It will be close to Earth on July 25. This dangerous asteroid passes by at 3 in the morning. The asteroid has a diameter of about 220 meters and is named 2008 GO20. Scientists say that it is Earth’s neighbor asteroid in the solar system. This asteroid will pass at a distance of 47 lakh kilometers from Earth.

According to the reports, the chances of the asteroid hitting the Earth are very low. NASA has said it is extremely dangerous, even if it expects the asteroid to pass close to Earth safely. Its diameter exceeds 150 meters, and its orbit is called Apollo.

NASA has identified this asteroid as extremely dangerous and if it hits the Earth it can cause a lot of damage. That’s why scientists are constantly monitoring. It can collide with Earth’s gravity. If it hits the earth, it can cause heavy damage to some parts of the earth.

In particular, NASA has developed a planetary defense system capable of turning dangerous asteroids into another. NASA is set to send the spacecraft into the Double Asteroid Redirection Test Mission (DART). If successful, avoid the asteroid threat and increase defenses.

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