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Gmail Features: 5 Gmail Features You Need to Know: See It Easy to Work

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Gmail is one of the most popular email service in the world. People all over the world use this service. Some of the most useful features in Gmail are unknown to most users. Here’s everything you need to know about five useful options to improve the speed, quality, and experience of your work.

1) Smart Compose
Smart Compose considers the next word or sentence that you can type. Smart Compose can use the given options by using Tab key on computer or Space key on mobile. You can enable the Smart Compose option for writing suggestions through the General tab in Gmail Settings.

2) Email Schedule
If you want someone to be able to reach you via email for a specific period of time, there is now an opportunity on Gmail. You can use the schedule option in Gmail. Open the Gmail site in your conductor and enter the amount you want to type. Then you will see the Schedule Send option where you can press the small downward arrow. You will then receive an e-mail and details of how often to send it. Use whatever option you want. This option is also available for use on the Gmail app on Android or iPhone. Clicking on the three dots on the right side of the app will select Schedule Send in the drop down menu.

3) Send message as soon as possible
Gmail has introduced another new advanced option. If you archive or delete a message after enabling this option you will be able to access the previous or previous email directly. This option is only available on any of the Gmail desktop and Android versions. This option is not available in the iOS app.

4) View more emails on the same page
When the number of emails you pay attention to when the Read More option is clicked repeatedly. You must choose the maximum page size in the General tab settings of the Gmail website. If you do this you will see 100 emails per page. The default setting is 50 emails per page.

5) View emails by date
Add a date to your search if the need arises to search for an older email. For example find emails before or after 5/5/2020: 5/15/2018. This makes the search easy and fast.

(Important Gmail Features

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