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Hansal Mehta on behalf of Shilpa said, “Everyone comes to the party.”

MumbaiMumbai Police has arrested popular Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty’s husband and businessman Raj Kundra for making obscene videos. Raj’s cell was recently extended. Meanwhile, Shilpa is also being trolled on social media regarding this. However, Bollywood director Hansal Mehta has expressed displeasure that no Bollywood actor has posted in support of Shilpa. In many tweets, he took the side of Shilpa and told Bollywood actors. Hansal Mehta says if you can’t stand with Shilpa, leave her alone.

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Hansal tweeted, “If you can’t stand by Shilpa, can’t support her, at least leave her alone and let the court decide the matter.” Respect his personal life and boundaries. It is very wrong that people are convicted before getting justice. Taking a jibe at Bollywood actors, Hansal wrote, “Keeping calm has become a pattern now. In good times, everyone is there to party with you. Everyone likes to be silent in bad times. It is completely isolated.

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Hansal also criticized the media reports that used to write and accuse Shilpa of her personal life. Hansal wrote, ‘This is a pattern of defamation. If a person is involved in filmmaking, first of all write about his personal life. Make up your mind about them in advance. Make sure that his image in the society is not tarnished. Show only bad things in the news. Doing all this ruins one’s entire reputation. In such a situation, Hansal has tweeted in support of Shilpa.

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