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Hemangi says poet’s post goes viral – Hemangi Kavi shares a post and reveals his age, thanks fans for birthday wishes

MumbaiPopular Marathi actress Hemangi Kavi is very active on social media. Recently Hemangi celebrated her 40th birthday. Fans wished Hemangi a birthday. Hemangi shared a post saying that she is now 40 years old and the same ruckus started on social media. Hemangi may have told her age, but the fans could not believe it. Looking young and fit for her age, many people reacted to Hemangi saying that she does not look 40 years old. Hemangi has once again thanked everyone by sharing a post on this.

Because of this, the series ‘Majhi Tujhe Reshmagath’ is popular among the audience.

Sharing her funny photos, Hemangi posted, ‘With your best wishes,’ Come on, what’s going on? 40? From what angle is ‘,’ 40? ‘What do you want to do with it?’ This is what I heard when I was twenty-five years old and what seemed to be true became true yesterday, Rao!’

Hemangi further wrote, ‘I made a joke but thank you all so much for the sweet comments, messages, phone calls, posts written on me, which came on WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram yesterday. May your love be with you forever. Posting this, Hemangi thanked all those who called her young and wished her a happy birthday.

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