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Hit in the mouth but don’t preach; Memes of ‘Mee Kuthe Ke Karte’ series went viral – Marathi TV serial ‘Aai Kuthe Ke Karte’ memes went viral on social media

Mumbai: The series often tries to make the society aware by commenting on social issues. ‘Where does mother do?’ Sensitive subjects were also raised in the series. The audience also fell in love with the series, but now the series is going astray. There is also talk of closing the series. Also, the memes of this series are becoming viral on social media.

Viewers are upset with the story
Although the series shows Arundhati and Anirudh divorcing, viewers say that Arundhati’s nature does not suit them to some extent. Despite being married to Sanjana and Anirudh, Arundhati lives in the same house. Though Arundhati stays there for her grandmother and father, the audience did not like it. Viewers say that no self-respecting woman would like to live in the same house with her husband’s second wife.

humiliation of women
Arundhati is often seen helping Sanjana. On the other hand, Sanjana is often seen taunting and insulting Arundhati. On the other hand, Arundhati insults Sanjana. That is why it is said that the image of women is being projected in a wrong way.

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