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Horoscope today-day future; These piles are likely to increase family discord

Horoscope today-day future;  These piles are likely to increase family discord

future of the day

Nitya Panchamana: Planama Samvatsara, Uttarayan, Asha Month, Griha Ritu, Shukla Paksha, Tithi Tithi, Tuesday, July 13, 2021. Makha Nakshatra, Rahukal: Today from 3.37 pm to 5.15 pm. Bengaluru Sunrise: 5.49 am. Sunset: 6.54 pm

Tuesday’s Zodiac Sign

Aries: Everything can be delayed. Unnecessary expenses will increase. A splendid fruit, though a vain wander. Happy Number: 3

Taurus: Family discord is likely to increase. Slippery in employment is no loss but no gain due to the slippery nature. Happy Number: 8

Gemini: Job promotion and industry. Old debt will be paid off. Yoga is a treasure trove from many sources. The grievances going on in the relationship get resolved. Happy number: 1

Locker: Trying to work with emotion. No investment in parasite business. Suspect’s remorse. There can be delay in even small tasks. Insecurity is haunting. Happy Number: 9

Lion: To have an environment conducive to ambition. Support is being received from relatives. Employment progress. To be happy at home. The desires are immense. Happy Number: 5

Virgo: A mind boggling task can be halved. You will show charity even in difficult times. The desired profit in the cooperative sector is v. There are chances of traveling abroad. Happy Number: 7

Libra: There is a certain amount of economic loss, but not much trouble. You will discharge the duty efficiently. Do not neglect family functions. Happy Number: 4

Scientist: progress in business. Marital problems will be resolved. Stay away from narrow feelings or doubts. There should be a happy atmosphere in the house. Happy Number: 6

Sagittarius: Good Karma Samprati, Guruvarga Happiness, World Happiness. New colleague, good understanding. However, there is chaos and resentment among the family members. Happy Number: 4

Capricorn: The house is the house, the property is the purchase sum. Be careful in business. Business is great. Excitement is rising. Stay tuned for bug fixes. Happy number: 1

Aquarius: Lucky Lakshmi comes at your doorstep. health improvement. Circumstances favorable. The planet is yoga. A sweet dream will come true. Happy Number: 7

Pisces: Be bold, temperamental, direct, and good at your actions. Your decisions will lead to change. Marriage Yoga Happy Number: 8

Dinah Bhavishya

Dr. Basavaraj Guruji is a Vedic Astrologer. Contact Number: 9972848937

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