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How did it feel to be a female autorickshaw driver on screen? Yogita Chavan said…

0 ‘Mata Shravankavin’ contest helped in career?
I participated in Mata Shravankavin competition in 2016. Since this is the only modeling competition in the Marathi industry, the attention of many circles in the industry is on the results of this competition. In fact, the competition changed my life. Mata Shravankavin really helped me with my grooming and auditioning. After this many acquaintances also grew.

What is the difference between current distance and Yogita’s role?
Antara and Yogita are very different from each other. Yogita is very calm and I like to be alone in real life.

How did it feel to be a female autorickshaw driver on screen?
– When I am filming as a female rickshaw driver, there are many people around to help. But in real life it is very difficult for a woman to choose this field. Because some people don’t like to travel in rickshaw because they see women as rickshaw pullers. I salute the women who are still facing challenges. Actually, it is because of those women that I am able to play this role today.

Did you face any difficulty while taking up the challenge of driving a rickshaw?
– I was already able to ride a bike. So learning to drive a rickshaw was not that difficult. Actually, in one day I learned to drive a rickshaw. But it was even more difficult to drive a rickshaw on the road while acting and communicating. Even though I am driving a rickshaw while filming a scene, if there are several people in the team behind me, I want to see their safety as well. Not only this, there is a camera on the rickshaw and I want to call it action.

How was your journey as a dancer before getting into acting?
Before coming to this field, I used to work as a background dancer. I got a chance to work with many great actors like Salman Khan, Shahrukh Khan. I have worked in shows choreographed by late veteran choreographer Saroj Khan. I had also participated in the program ‘Marathi Banana’. I will continue to like dance. I would definitely love to learn Kathak.

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