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How much did Raj Kundra earn from ‘Hot Shots’? pen account of every penny received from WhatsApp chat

Mumbai: Raj Kundra, who was arrested for making porn films and airing it on a paid app, was heard on July 27. During the hearing, the court extended the police custody of Raj Kundra for the next 14 days. Earlier also Raj Kundra was in police custody for 7 days and this time the police interrogated him thoroughly. During the hearing, the police told that they have frozen two accounts of Raj Kundra. Apart from this, the police have also got information about all the payments made to Raj Kundra through Hotshots app.

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According to the Crime Branch police, they have received some chats between Raj Kundra and Ryan Thorpe from mobile and MacBook. These chats contain details of earning and payment from Hotshots app. Hotshots app for broadcasting pornographic videos has been banned. Meanwhile, Raj Kundra and Shilpa Shetty say that the app was run by Pradeep Bakshi, husband of Raj’s sister. He is a British citizen living in London. According to the police, Pradeep Bakshi is the owner of the same Canerin company. Through which Raj Kundra used to broadcast obscene videos abroad.

According to a Times of India report, Raj Kundra and his team were earning around Rs 5 lakh for uploading pornographic videos on some other apps including Hot Shots. Police has frozen Rs 7.5 crore from various accounts of Raj Kundra.

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Meanwhile, in a court hearing Raj Kundra’s pornography case, his lawyers had sought bail saying that the section against him is wrong. However, rejecting the appeal of Raj Kundra’s lawyers, the court sent him to jail for the next 14 days. Also, Raj Kundra has appealed in this matter in the Mumbai High Court and his hearing will be held on July 29. Raj Kundra is currently lodged in Arthur Road Jail.

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