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I am ready for Marathi films, but… Manoj Bajpayee has expressed – Actor Manoj Bajpayee talks about Dial 100 web series and his future projects

How was the experience of ‘Dial 100’ series?
– It was an enriching experience. The story of this series is limited to one night. This is the first time I’ve worked on a story like this. Every detail had to be taken care of. If something happened here and there it would have affected the whole story. Even then, more than half of my conversations were on the phone. The thread of the whole story was in my hands. That part seemed daunting.

What were the challenges in fulfilling the role of a police officer?
The use of language was necessary according to the position of the police officer. He worked on specific words, movements and gestures. The special thing is that he laid more emphasis on showing the man in uniform than the officer in uniform.

What do you think is the motive behind showing at least one police character in series 0?
We all have respect for the police. This is what is used for the story. The entry of a police officer in the story is shown at a juncture, so the story gets a kind of weight. The use of this technology has become widespread. This case has become very common.

What did OTT give you?
– It inspired me. We got to play different types of characters without being in the same role.

What do you think about this kind of trolling and roasting on social media?
Social media is the only way to troll or roast someone. On that medium people vent their frustrations or condemn each other. This medium is as deadly as poison. All this will stop only when you realize that you want to use this medium properly. Parents especially take time to monitor their children’s use of social media. Cybercrime is increasing, it needs to be brought under control. For this the contribution of all of us is needed.

0 When will it appear in Marathi?
– Waiting to be asked for Marathi movies. i am ready

0 What is your fitness mantra?
– Go to bed and wake up on time, that’s my simple mantra. It also emphasizes on nutritious food.

I take an active part in Sayaji Shinde’s social activities. Similarly, there was flood in Maharashtra last month. He is doing everything possible to help me make up for the loss. Social work will continue.
– Manoj Bajpayee

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