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‘I do not accept or pay bribes’; Viral Athu Raj Kundra Old Video | Raj Kundra’s old video about bribery goes viral

‘I do not accept or pay bribes’; Viral Athu Raj Kundra is an old video

Mumbai Police has arrested businessman Raj Kundra for making obscene videos. As per the court order, he will have to remain in police custody till July 27. Meanwhile, his old video on a social networking site is quite viral.

Raj Kundra is said to have interacted with the crime department of Mumbai Police before his arrest. During this, he had allegedly offered a bribe of Rs 25 lakh if ​​he was not arrested. The matter has been brought to the notice of the Corruption Control Force. Another case has been registered against Raj Kundra. Strange that Raj Kundra was opposed to taking and taking bribes! This video has now gone viral.

‘I was born and raised in England. It is very easy for me to do business in England. I made a lot of money from the industry. But, it took a long time. Today I can run my business with mobile phone. Mobile is the best tool and it should be used properly,’ he says.

‘I have been in India for the last 10 years. I have seen my biggest failures. This is often due to a lack of understanding. You need to get to know people before the job is necessary. I do not like to take bribes and work. I am very strict on this issue. “If anyone tries to do this, I will not be disappointed,” Raj Kundra said.

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