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‘I earned money living in Maharashtra and now it’s my turn to help…’

MumbaiMany people lost their lives due to torrential rains in many districts of Maharashtra. Only the walls of many houses remain. Hundreds of people were killed in districts like Raigad, Sangli and Kolhapur. Many villages are still submerged in water. The flood waters have left mud and mud all over the place. Relief work is going on everywhere. The situation in the state is dire. Marathi artists are helping as much as possible. Along with this, fans are also appealing to their social media accounts to help the victims. But, Bollywood actors are still silent. Maharashtra Navnirman Chitrapat Sena President Ameya Khopkar has hit out at Bollywood for not receiving any tweets from Bollywood’s biggest actors.

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Amay tweeted and appealed to Bollywood actors to extend a helping hand. Amay tweeted, ‘Many people from Bollywood come forward for help after natural calamities in other states. Surprisingly, after the floods in my state, not a single Bollywood actor wants to do a simple tweet. Many NGOs have started relief work. Our Maharashtra jawans are also struggling. In such a situation, I appeal to the big stars of Bollywood that they have grown up living in Maharashtra and help in relief work by being a little sensitive.

With this tweet, Amay has appealed to Bollywood actors to come forward for help. Many netizens have supported Amay’s tweet. Netizens have also supported Ameya and said that now is the time to help Maharashtra after earning money by living in Maharashtra. Relief work is going on in many places in Maharashtra. The government has announced help to the victims.

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