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I have not betrayed anyone, I trust the law: Arunakumari Notorious rowdy robber bakery Raghu surrenders before a Bengaluru court

Arunakumari and Darshan

Bangalore: Aruna Kumari, accused of duping 25 crores in the name of challenging star Darshan Thugudipa, has given a statement in Bengaluru that she has not cheated anyone, is there any evidence? She said that she believes in the law, and the law determines who is right and who is wrong.

‘If I am found guilty, whatever punishment I will give you. This is my humble question. Both my father’s mothers are sick and I am sick. I am a single parent to my son. I don’t have the strength to fight. I believe that the law gives me justice. I want to ask a girl my father and mother are doing an auction. Leave us on our side.’

“I was not good enough to talk about philosophy. I have given every statement to the police. I never said you have evidence. The truth will be known after two days. I don’t know who Nagvardhan is. Let him show you the record,’ he said.

Rowdy Sheeter Bakery Raghu surrenders in court

BANGALORE: Raghuvendra alias Bakery Raghu, the notorious rowdy bakery Raghu, who was wanted by the police in a case nearly eight years ago, surrendered at the 31st ACMM Court in Bangalore on Wednesday. According to the information given by Batrayanpura police, Raghu was wanted in a case of robbery. The Radioba, who had been hiding for 8 years, suddenly surrendered before the court-martial, causing a stir among the people in Bengaluru.

It is not yet certain whether he will surrender or whether he has voluntarily surrendered in court.

unbridled report

In a shocking incident that came to light from Belgaum district, a man tried to commit suicide by poisoning his two daughters. 8-year-old Anjali and 5-year-old Ananya have been poisoned by their father.

However, 45-year-old Anil Bandhekar is undergoing treatment at the hospital and his condition is said to be critical.

Don’t know why Anil Bandhekar took such a desperate decision. The incident is from Belgaum taluk KH Kangrali village.

Law and Order DCP Vikram Amte inspected the rooms of the house. Anil Bandhekar is also being questioned by the homeowner

Anil Bandhekar is being treated at BIMMS Hospital. The incident is of APMC police station.

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