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In just one fight, the actor’s father killed his wife and daughter and shot the actor as well.

Mumbai: Even today many stars of the 90s are active on the big screen. His films are liked. Anyway there were some star actors who acted as heroes. But after a few movies it completely disappeared. One of them is actor Kamal Sadana. He made his debut in Hindi cinema with the film ‘Bekhudi’. The film was released in 1992. Kajol was his heroine in this film. The film flopped, but both the actors got a different life from it.

The song ‘Tujhe Na Dekh To Chain’ from the movie ‘Rang’ is sung by many people even today. The film, released in 1993, was as much about the protagonist as it was about Divya Bharti. Actor Kamal Sadana was known only for certain films. There was a big storm in his personal life from which he could not last for many years. Born on 21 October 1970, Kamal’s personal life was completely ruined in his 20th year.

Kamal Sadana’s debut film Bekhudi did not do anything special on the big screen. But the film ‘Rang’ that came after him introduced him. After that he acted in many films. But he never got fame like color cinema.

After this, Kamal shifted his attention from the big screen to the small screen i.e. TV. He had worked in the series Kasam Se. Not only this, he also tried his luck in directing. In 2007, he directed Karkash. In addition, he directed a film titled Roar in 2014. But this film also flops.

On Kamal’s 20th birthday, famous director Brij Sadana’s father shot his wife and daughter. This time Kamal was present. Kamal escaped and survived. Later that night his father also committed suicide. There was a constant quarrel between Kamal’s mother Saeeda Khan and father. Something similar happened on Kamal’s birthday.

The whole incident happened right in front of Kamal’s eyes. This incident had a deep impact on his mind. After this Kamal’s counseling was done. Surprisingly, Kamal Sadana still does not know the real reason why his father shot his mother and sister.

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