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India ranks 9th in agricultural product exports; Minister Prahlad Joshi is the result of the efforts of Prime Minister Modi government

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Agricultural product exports globally
India is now at 9th position in the list of countries to do so. According to the World Trade Organization (WTO), India exports rice, cotton, soybeans and meats in substantial quantities to various countries. The World Trade Organization reports on the overall pace of global agricultural trade over the past 25 years.

Prior to 2019, New Zealand was ranked 9th in global agricultural product exports. India will reach 9th position in 2019. Mexico has moved up to 7th place instead of Malaysia. As of 2019, India was exporting 3.1 percent of its agricultural products globally. Mexico was exporting 3.4 percent. The US was in the top 1 (22.2%) in 1995. But its share is expected to grow by a fraction in 2019. It slipped to second place with 13.8. The share of the European Union is 16.1 percent, which is at number one. So, in 2019, some other countries have changed. Brazil, which exported only 4.8 percent of agricultural products in 1995, increased to 7.8 percent in 2019, making it the third largest country. China was ranked sixth at the time with a share of 4%.

Top 1 in Rice Exports
India currently ranks first in rice exports. In 1995, Thailand was exporting 38 percent of rice and ranked first. India has overtaken it. India exports 33 per cent of its rice in 2019, while Thailand’s share falls to 26 per cent. The US is now in the top 3 list with a share of 19%. Vietnam has reached US status in 2019, one of the most projected growth globally. Rice exports are 12 per cent.

The country is the third largest exporter of cotton
India exports 7.6 percent of the cotton product in 2019, and is currently the third largest country. It is the fourth largest country, importing 10 percent. India was not in the top 10 list of cotton exports in 1995. Similarly, India exports 1.01 percent of soybeans, but ranks 9th. Meat and edible meat exports rank eighth, accounting for 4% of global trade. But India, which was the seventh largest country for wheat and muslin exports in 1995, had no place in 2019.

Minister Prahlad Joshi’s tweet
Parliamentary Affairs Minister Pralhad Joshi tweeted that India ranks 9th globally in export of agricultural products. The Prime Minister Modi-led government has taken several initiatives in the last 7 years to increase the export of agricultural products. As a result, India will move to the 9th position in 2019.

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India has entered the top 10 list of agricultural produce exporters in 2019

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