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Investor Success Story: This young man who became a millionaire for 25 years does not own a car; This successful investor of stock market Arun Mukherjee became a millionaire

Arun Mukherjee

“Focus on English and maths. Don’t put your head on the stock market for any reason.” – These two tips are given to Bengalis. Children are raised this way when they are in school. Shares because of this There is a fear of a Bengali in the market. But only 32-year-old Arun Mukherjee is on his way to success by choosing a different path. Arun’s parents used to study English every day so that their son should be taught good English. It started.He was fascinated by what he was suggesting.

“My father, like everyone else, thought of approaching his eldest son with sluggish English. He used to read business news papers at home. One day I was reading a newspaper. Looking at something like an Excel sheet, I stopped there. Mukherjee recalled that when asked, stock prices were cited. But Arun’s father suggested that 90 percent of investors lose money in the stock market. “I had a revolutionary idea. For my part, the motivation to win is where most people lose big time,” says Arun Mukherjee.

16th preparation
While other lovers were looking for love and seeing girls, it was only 16 years ago that Arun Mukherjee was reading business magazines every day and started learning how stocks and the stock market worked. This effort helped Arun identify stocks like Caplin Point, Avanti Feeds, Symphony, Cera Sanityware, Minda Industries and Hester Bio and helped Arun become a millionaire within 25 years. Currently, they invest in listed companies and start-ups. They organize investor awareness programs at home and abroad.

What habits should be followed while investing?
I travel around the world to meet the people of Medini, the wise. talk to them. I will add whatever I find relevant in my research. Such exchanges have worked wonders for me, says Mukherjee. But some managers also say they should be wary of exaggerated ideas.

Mukherjee wants to do his own thing. Arun has a huge following among investors. There are more than 80,000 followers on Twitter. Now Bengalis, who are not encouraged by their families, ask Arun for advice on the portfolio of their portfolios.

Age is Mukherjee’s side for Amdaha. So don’t be afraid to take risks. They look for organizations that have a good team and a vision team. Sixpay invests in start-ups and unlisted companies. Mukherjee’s investment in unlisted companies is more than that of listed companies. As Arun says, we learn lessons from the mistakes of beginners. It can be repeated, that’s all. A wise investor will always invest in a rising asset and not a declining one.

Arun still doesn’t have car
For that reason I still don’t have the car. Home is a necessity. I have more houses. The new home gives me more space and relaxation. So my goal is to look for properties that will increase in price.

What is the advice for startup investors?
The present generation banknotes are not earning money in bank FDs since demonetisation. The business of owning a computer is also lucrative. Looks like those features. Why wait for retirement at the age of 60? Arun says that these equity shares are the right way to retire and retire early.

Equity is lunch, sleep is everything
“The long-term capital gain is only 10 per cent. A compound growth of 26 percent increases your wealth by 10 times in 10 years and has surpassed inflation. Earning 1000x in 30 years is not a big deal if you can invest properly. No asset class in the world can generate so much wealth whether you do monthly stock SIP or reinvest dividends, it will take your portfolio to such a level. You can know that too,” says Arun.

Of course, they don’t forget to say that all these calculations are learned in childhood math lessons.


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(Arun Mukherjee, originally from Bengali family, successful stock market investor. Become a millionaire before the age of 25. Here is his success story)

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