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Is Sonu Sood asking for remuneration for a Telugu film?

Sonu Sood may have acted as a villain in many films. But Sonu Sood is a superhero in real life. Actor Sonu Sood has become the ‘real hero’ for most of the people in Covid and lockdown.

Actor Sonu Sood is helping the hospital with immediate treatment, hospital beds, injections, financial assistance for treatment and oxygen. Many lives have been saved. Actor Sonu Sood is making sincere efforts to save people’s lives from the pandemic of pandemic Coronavirus. Nevertheless, the issue of actor Sonu Sood’s remuneration is up for debate.

There has been a debate about how much the earnings of a Sonu Sood film are helping people to hide their wealth. According to some reports, recently, actor Sonu Sood was cast in Belamkonda Sai Srinivas starrer ‘Alludu Adhurs’ which released earlier this year.

Actor Sonu Sood has been paid Rs 2.5 crore for ‘Alludu Adars’. Actor Sonu Sood has increased his salary after the film, which is heard in a Telugu cinema yard.

According to the gossip pundits, Sonu Sood was supposed to star in Nandamuri Balakrishna starrer ‘Akhand’. However, actor Sonu Sood has demanded Rs 7 crore for the film. However, Sonu Sudran’s film crew was dropped due to budget constraints. Gullo Gullu in Tollywood!

Actor Sonu Sood might have asked for a higher salary. “But Sonu Sood is being paid a lot as he is using his income for the services of the people,” he said.

And now, actor Sonu Sood has three films in hand. Sonu Sood will be seen in Telugu Mega Star Chiranjeevi alongside ‘Acharya’, Hindi ‘Prithviraj’ and Tamil ‘Tamilarasan’.

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