Jennifer on chair with wine glasses | Oscar 2018 Best Moment

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Jennifer Lawrence is the most watched person at this year’s Oscars. Undoubtedly, jumping from the top of the chair holding a glass of wine surprised everyone a little. While all the movie lovers were staring at the Oscar announcement stage, some camera eyes were capturing the others.
Jennifer Lawrence conquered the Oscars with her single image.

The Oscar stage is at the forefront not only for film but also for fashion. You can see the variety of fashion statements, but the most notable here is Jennifer Lawrence. Every year, like cinema, fashion gets a lot of attention. Jennifer also shone on the red carpet with her shocking entry.

Oscar 2018 Best Moment

Arriving with a glass of wine in hand, the audience and movie lovers were amazed. Jennifer jumped off the chair with her gown on. Despite not receiving any awards, Jennifer is known all over the world for her single entry.

Oscar 2018 Best Moment

Oscar 2018 Best Moment

Oscar 2018 Best Moment

English summary

Oscar 2018 Best Moment

Movie lovers around the world wait for this highly prestigious event whole year to see their favorite stars win and to witness a riot of fashion and style.

Story first published: Monday, March 5, 2018, 18:15 [IST]

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