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Jewel Vashisht: Police misbehave with Jewel Vashisht? Serious allegations were made while sharing the photo – Gehana Vashistha shared the photo of torn clothes, accused Mumbai Police

MumbaiActress Gehana Vashistha, who was seen in the web series ‘Gandhi Baat’, has now made serious allegations against the police. He is an accused in Raj Kundra’s porn film case. A long post has been shared while sharing a photo of himself on Instagram. In the photo shared by Jewel, her torn clothes are visible. With this photo, he wrote, ‘Police has made me sad. All bank accounts are frozen, no money, I can’t go home because if I go home, the police will arrest me again. Took all mobiles and laptops. Last time the car was mortgaged for bail.

stranger in the house

“I’m living with some unknown people,” she wrote. The house has been taken over by unknown people. Lawyers’ fees have also been paid by borrowing from others. What more can Mumbai Police do than this.. what can you do more than this..’

accused of making false accusations

The actress further wrote, ‘Still your mind is not full, but a false case has been registered against me. One day everything will come out. The girls you have pitted against me, but someday the truth will come out. Everything is in my mobile, you have confiscated it. Never mind.. I have a bad time today, tomorrow you will have a bad time. I will not give up. ‘

Gehna was arrested in February

Meanwhile, in February, Mumbai Police arrested Gehna for making obscene films and airing them on apps. He is currently out on bail after spending four months in jail. After Raj Kundra’s arrest, Jewel supported him and explained the difference between obscene and erotic videos.

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