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Johnny Lever gave a special gift to Namrata Sambharev, the actress expressed her feelings

Mumbai: ‘Maharashtrachi Hasayajatra’ has become very popular. All the comedians of the show are making the audience laugh a lot with their skits and acting. The show will now be available to the viewers every Sunday. The name of this program, which will be broadcast every Sunday, will be ‘Ravivarchi Hasayajatra’. The first part of the show will see veteran comedian Johnny Lever as an examiner.

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Johnny Lever praised all the comedians at the event. Johnny Lever also said that the way he presents the joke is commendable. All the actors were overwhelmed by his appreciation. Amidst all this, this day is especially memorable for actress Namrata Sambhareo. Because this emperor gave a special gift to humility. This praise from Johnny Lever brought humility from the depths. Photos of this special moment and feelings about it have been humbly expressed through a post on Instagram.

what said humilityActress Namrat has become very emotional due to the appreciation shown by this father in the comedy. Expressing his feelings, he wrote, ‘When Johnny Leverji, the father of humour, sees your work and comes with a surprise gift, it is an unforgettable moment in your life. We are honestly stumbling, starting from scratch, even from junior artist to passing role. Today the journey of Sony Marathi to Maharashtra Comedy Fair continues and it will continue. But when prayers are added to it, the thrill increases further.

ÔÇťAudience ka love to hai, but there is no end to the joy when there is a call from a well-known artist of our region, a call from the father of Humor and he fully appreciates his work. I never thought it would keep flowing. Everything is dreamy. What more does an artist need than appreciation and love?’ These words express her feelings of humility.

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Johnny Lever is politely tagged at the end of this post. He also thanked Sony Marathi, Amit Phalke, Sachin Goswami, Sachin Mote, Prasad Khandekar and Ajay Bhalwankar. Johnny Lever loved the humble character Lolly. He praised her for her humility.

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