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Kabir Khan was trolled by users claiming that Mughals were one of the original nation builders – the true builders of the country were Mughals, new controversy due to Kabir Khan’s statement. Maharashtra Times

MUMBAI: Director Kabir Khan has expressed displeasure over the inappropriate portrayal of Mughal emperors in theatres. Not only this, the Mughals are the true ‘nation builders’, he had said. Kabir Khan, who directed films like ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’, ‘Kabul Express’ and ‘Ek Tha Tiger’, is being trolled on social media for making such controversial statements.

On social media, users are fiercely criticizing Kabir Khan and expressing their anger through comments. According to some users, if breaking down temples or burning down universities is to build a nation, then the Mughals are actually ‘nation builders’.

Many users on Twitter have protested against Kabir Khan by tweeting against him.

This statement of Kabir Khan has created a new controversy on social media. Netizens have started trolling him for his Mughal statement. “Kabir Khan will now bring to the audience a film praising Taliban,” said one. Some have even posted memes on it.
what kabir khan said
In an interview to an online portal, Kabir Khan said, “Most films portray Mughals as ‘killers’ and malign them.” This story is painful. I can understand if a director has researched, studied and wants to underline a different point. Of course, people can have different perspectives. But if you really want to portray Muggles negatively, first research it and tell us why they were villains,” he said.

Mughals are the true nation builders
Regarding the portrayal of Mughals, Kabir Khan further said, “If proper research is done and based on historical evidence, it is very difficult to understand why Mughals have to be villains. I think they were true nation builders.” .

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