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Kapil Sharma had to pull the show off air due to back injury and pain – Big break for Kapil Sharma, difficult to get out of bed. Maharashtra Times

Mumbai: Recently a new video of famous comedian Kapil Sharma has surfaced, in which he is seen talking about his health problems. In the video, Kapil is seen talking about back pain. The pain was so severe that he had to stop The Kapil Sharma Show. He said that at that time Kapil started feeling helpless.

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In a video shared on the occasion of World Spine Day, Kapil said, “It all started in 2015. I didn’t know much about it at that time and I was in the US at that time. I was in a lot of pain. Saw a doctor. The doctor gave me epidural, the pain was relieved but the problem persisted. After that in January this year I had to suffer again.

Kapil said, ‘I am feeling much better now than before. Spinal pain occurs when we say that it is not a spinal cord, this example is given because if you get a spinal cord injury everything stops. Because of this I had to call off my show.

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“Your behavior starts to change, you suffer because of it, because you start feeling helpless,” Capinal said. You can’t get out of bed, people say from above, you will gain weight while sleeping, you go on liquid diet, either person is bothered by pain and if someone gives you salad, the pain doubles. I have suffered a lot like this.

Significantly, Kapil Sharma’s show was closed earlier this year and a few months later a new episode started. Kapil had said at that time that he has taken a break to spend time with his family.

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