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Karan Johar slams Rakesh Bapat for his statement about women – Bigg Boss OTT: Karan slams Rakesh after making objectionable remarks about women Maharashtra Times

Mumbai: Karan Johar on Sunday expressed his displeasure over Rakesh Bapat’s derogatory remarks on women in the ‘Sunday Ka Vaar’ episode of Bigg Boss OTT. Not only this, he threw stones at Rakesh in front of all the contestants. At the same time, Shamita Shetty also expressed displeasure over the change in Rakesh’s mood.

Rakesh had said during a task that men are stronger than women. On this statement of Rakesh, Karan made his presence known in front of everyone. Karan told him, ‘I mean why do you mean women are weak’ Karan further said, ‘You did not want to make such a statement. In today’s situation men and women are on the same level.

Keeping his side, Rakesh said, ‘I am also aware of this. I am also aware of the power in women. Because I grew up in a house with a woman…’ This time Moose also supported Karan. He said, “During the task, I told Rakesh that the issue of strength is not related to gender.” Shamita supported Rakesh and said that Rakesh’s words did not make sense. What he said was misinterpreted. Finally, Karan said, “It is not difficult to understand Rakesh, it is impossible.”

What did Shamita say?

Karan asks Shamita that did Rakesh make you sad? To that Shamita said, ‘Rakesh thinks that I should not hurt him and hence he stays away from me. But their behavior is wrong.

Divya Aggarwal created rift between Rakesh and Shamita

Rakesh and Shamita have been very close since the beginning of the show. The bonding and closeness of both was increasing day by day. Fans have also started liking their pair. But suddenly both of them started arguing and distance came. Divya is the reason behind their quarrels and the distance that has come.

Shamita does not like the bonding of Rakesh and Divya. Shamita feels that Rakesh has left her because of the bond between the two and is getting closer to Divya. Shamita feels that Divya has brought Rakesh away from her and closer to her.

A soft corner in Divya’s mind about Divya?

A few days back, Shamita shared some of her thoughts with Neha Bhasin. At that time he said, “Rakesh has a soft corner for Divya. Had I not been here, he would have matched the relationship with Deepak. Shamita had also told Neha that she was hurt by Rakesh’s changed nature.

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