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Karnataka should become a separate state if injustice persists, I am spotless: Umesh Talwar Separate state minister Umesh Katti says north Karnataka will ask if problem persists

Minister Umesh Swati, who has expressed his desire to become the Chief Minister of Karnataka, should give priority to North Karnataka. I have the decency to become the chief minister. The government has raised the issue of raising voice if justice is not received. I will raise my voice for North Karnataka State as it is disturbing North Karnataka. I do not intend to break Karnataka. I want to live in Karnataka. But, if disturbed, you will cry for isolation. I have lived in Karnataka for some time. Aspires to become the Chief Minister of Karnataka. I was 8 times MLA, 6 department administrator. I also had experience, there was no black spot. I have worked as caretaker MLA and minister. If the party decides, I will be the chief minister. Want to become PM after CM

Talking about this in Dharwad, Minister Umesh Swati said, ‘I am eligible to become CM. Hopefully this time the people of North Karnataka will get a place. I don’t mean to become chief minister. I still have 15 years to become the Chief Minister. 60 years from today, 15 years from now. Arvind Bellad’s father was an MLA, now an MLA. Answering why he should not be the Chief Minister, Basanguda Patil Yatnal and Murugesh Nirani have all become Chief Ministers, saying that the people of North Karnataka should get the post.

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