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Ketki Chitale in trouble again due to ‘that’ controversial statement, Facebook post costly – Ketki Chitale arrested

MumbaiMarathmoli actress Ketki Chitale is very active on social media. Ketki is famous among fans for his impeccable style. But Ketki often finds herself in trouble due to her outspoken statements on social media. Ketki’s statements have often trolled him on social media. A complaint has been filed against Ketki for his Facebook post and the court has also rejected his pre-arrest bail plea.

The controversy has arisen due to a Facebook post made by Ketki on March 1, 2020. Ketki wrote in his post, ‘Neo-Buddhists come to Mumbai for free on 6th December, this is the right of religious development. If we just utter the word Hindu, we are totally sinners, fanatics!? But the fault is not someone else’s, but ours. We are so busy fighting with ourselves, we like leaders who divide us, and we let them divide us, that we forget our own religion,” Ketki said. Ketki’s statement was criticized by many netizens. was opposed.

‘Doctor. Babasaheb Ambedkar’s followers come to visit Mumbai on 6th December, not to greet him. Now there is a demand to prosecute Ketki under the Astrocity Act. Ketki’s pre-arrest bail was rejected by the Thane Court, so there is a strong possibility of Ketki’s arrest.

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