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Kranti Redkar Nawab Malik Sameer Wankhede: Kranti Redkar replied to Nawab Malik’s statement on expensive clothes, shared photo- Kranti Redkar, wife of Sameer Wankhede, shared lunch photo Nawab Malik

Mumbai- Samir Wankhede, wife of Marathi actress and Mumbai division head of Narcotics Control Bureau, took the news of Maharashtra minister Nawab Malik’s allegations seriously. Sameer Wankhede takes crores of ransom which is why he wears so expensive clothes that no honest officer can use them, alleged Nawab Malik. In response, Kranti shared a photo of her lunch on social media.

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Kranti shared a photo of empty utensils and leftover rice from her Twitter account and wrote, ‘We ate lentil makhani and cumin rice for lunch. Cumin rice was prepared at home while lentil butter was imported from outside. Its price was 190 rupees. I am giving this information to the media along with the evidence, so that tomorrow morning someone will say that we are eating such food which a government official’s family cannot eat.

Meanwhile, Nawab Malik Sameer Wankhede has faced many serious allegations in the last few days. Malik had alleged that Sameer was a corrupt official who was extorting lakhs of rupees as ransom. Wankhede was also accused of several serious crimes in the Aryan Khan drugs case. Malik had said that Sameer Wankhede used shoes worth Rs 2 lakh, T-shirt worth Rs 50,000 and a watch worth Rs 20 lakh, which a government official could not afford. Kranti then replied to Nawab Malik via Twitter.

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