Lakshadweep issue: Lakshadweep issue ‘to identify those who preach against Mammootty’; A viral post !!


  • Mammootty fan’s words go viral
  • Mammootty is a fan of the things he has done for the people of Lakshadweep

Actor Prithviraj Sukumaran had come on the scene in favor of the people of Lakshadweep. This was followed by personal suicide and cyber attacks on the actor from Sangh Parivar centers. Since then, many people have come out in support of the star. But at the same time, it was alleged that none of the leading Malayalam actors had appeared on the Lakshadweep issue and had not shown support for Prithviraj. Mammootty and Mohanlal did not respond to the Lakshadweep issue, which is a response to the critics, a note that is now attracting the attention of cyberspace.

Robert Jeans, the actor’s PRO and Mammootty’s state president of the Welfare Association, has now come out in response to criticism that Mammootty is not interfering in the Lakshadweep issue. Robert says megastar Mammootty was the first to send a medical team to Lakshadweep.

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According to Robert on social media, Mammootty has sent a medical team to the island as part of his vision for 2006/07, the Angamaly Little Flower Hospital, one of the largest eye hospitals in South India, the largest free eye care project India has ever seen.

In a lengthy post on Facebook, Robert says that Mammootty operated about 300 people there, brought them back into the world of vision and took direct control of everything.

Robert Kuriakos’ Facebook post reads:

Today has a great day. Exactly fifteen years ago today, Mammootty sent a medical team to Lakshadweep for the first time. The team traveled to Lakshadweep as part of the Vision 2006/07 project, the Angamaly Little Flower Hospital, one of the largest eye hospitals in South India, the largest free eye care program India has ever seen. Although the vision project was conceived in Kerala, it was Mammootty’s special interest that expanded the project there.

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It was only when we got there that we really realized how correct his assessments were. Until tomorrow, no such medical team had been there before. The 15-member team spent a week there, landing on all the islands and examining hundreds of people.

The greatest excitement of the medical team was that he called them directly every day of the camps and evaluated their progress. The camp was organized by Mammootty, who called the then Island Administrator and Medical Director (Dr. Hamsakoya). He then sent various medical teams about half a dozen times to show the man his love for them.

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His team was also able to introduce telemedicine at the camp on the island. Later many groups including Amrita came there .. shot a lot of movies .. more people got to know the island .. happy. Angamaly Little Flower Hospital Management, Dr. Tony Fernandes, Dr. Thomas Cherian, Dr. Radha Ramanan, Assistant Administrator Mary Sebastian, Nuruddin MM, Jibin Paulus, Mammootty’s Manager George Sebastian, Mammootty Times (Little Flower Hospital Angamaly Noorudheenmm Melethadammoideen Jibin Paulose George Usha Radha Ramanan mari Sebastian Rafeeq Hadiq).

It has been a year and a half since Mammootty Care and Share was instructed to set up a permanent telemedicine system there for cancer treatment and awareness. Kovid is the occasional villain. We are trying to implement his proposal in this fifteenth year. Care and Share ensures the benefits to the islanders whenever any project is launched. This telemedicine is only for them because it is difficult for them to come and go in Kerala. The authorities of the most prominent hospital in Ernakulam are preparing to hand over the design to him.

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